What is Dragon Naturally Speaking used for?

Here, a basic query of many users has been taken today so that you could know more about dragon naturallyspeaking and its use. Helping out numerous projects Dragon naturally speaking has become popular and an advanced speech to text converter software among many others.

Introduction –
Dragon Naturally Speaking is the solution for all the business, home and other projects in the
world of writing, typing and documents making. It is prominent and known as speech
recognition software that converts a user's speaking word into texts. This program is
designed by Nuance that has multiple versions and applications available. One has to speak
on the microphone, and then the software will automatically convert the words into written

How to use a dragon naturallyspeaking ?
You will need to download the Dragon Naturally Speaking software on your computer. One
can quickly get it from the official site, e.g., from the official website. Once you select the
product and install it on your device, you can use it. You will need a microphone headset.
Follow next steps;

You have to connect the microphone headset to your computer.
Next, open the text editor. You can use “DragonPad” text editor which is provided by the
NaturallySpeaking, and it is compatible with other programs.
Say a word to your microphone. The translation will be completed through the programmed
Once your spoken words are converted into text, you can adjust font, position, color and
others as per your need.
Check whether the document is written correctly or not. Sometimes it doesn’t catch your
words clearly and write a text other than your spoken words.

Dragon Naturallyspeaking Uses –
Before purchasing any of software, users make sure themselves the purpose of getting the
software for their work or any other. Similarly, Dragon Naturally Speaking users have the
thought of using this software for work. Obviously, everyone wants the best deals and more
working results from each software. Here are the topmost uses that can ensure you the best
uses and benefits of this software;

Browsing the Web – When you use a system browser with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
software, it helps you in typing the text on your browser. You can easily avoid using the
keyboard and mouse. 

Application Control – Is there the name on the menu? Yes, you can just speak the name
and watch it happen. It's applicable on every application of your computer. You can give any
command to its menu and open it just by speaking the words. You can even tell this software
to press keys of the keyboard. 

Desktop Control – It can be one of the best uses for you to avoid keyboard and mouse.
You can get desktop control just by giving the command through the microphone. Whenever
you say to open the app, it will start running the program on your system. One can close,
open and minimize the applications from your voice command. 

Write Multiple Documents – Dragon NaturallySpeaking has necessary and important work,
which is document creation. It helps in wiring documents by avoiding the keyboard. What you
say, it will write that, and so it saves your hard work as well as time. One can create multiple
documents using this voice-text program. You can format it according to your needs such as
font size, color and more.
Dragon naturally offers many products, and you can use any of them according to your need.
Currently up to 11 versions are available.

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